Random Jase Facts

In certain states of America I am ‘The Reverend The Jase’.

I wrote and performed a 3 minute version of ‘Psycho’.

During the first elections for London Mayor I jumped on Ken Livingstone dressed as a ferret.

I did the London to Brighton Bike Ride on a Raleigh Chopper.

I met my dad only once as a child. He had a monkey with him at the time.

I used to be ‘Captain Coconut’ – the mascot for Wall’s Ice Cream.

I pretended to be a Cat Trainer on Channel 5 News.

I was one of the Zombies in Shaun of the Dead.

I’m in an Annie Lennox video.

I was a finalist in a male burlesque dancing tournament.

I lived in a tent on Oxford st for a week for a PR stunt.

I am Peterborough’s ‘Top Comedy Drummer’.

I once upstaged Joan Collins with some ferrets.

I once played guitar with Slash and taught him how to play Cream’s ‘Crossroads’.

I can escape from a straitjacket.

I had a brief career as an Elvis impersonator.

I’ve owned 2 Ford Capris both called ‘The Duchess’.

I taught pop culture to Santas.

I was arrested in Newcastle for throwing a bouncer’s tie in the Tyne.

I was briefly in ‘psychadelic medieval rock’ band Circulus. I sometimes wore a horses head on stage.

I performed as a Mexican wrestler at Glastonbury and hosted the speed dating tent for a few years.

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