Film Pitches

1. Vault. A bank robbery is interrupted by a zombie outbreak. A disparate groups of people make it to the vault. One has been bitten, but he’s also the robber and he has the gun. The oxygen is running out, but what is beyond the vault’s door?

2. Jack to the Future, A scientist decides to test a new time machine by taking a trip to the past. They decide to travel to the location of Jack The Ripper’s first murder to uncover the identity of the notorious killer. The murder is accidentally interrupted and Jack is killed. Returning the future the scientist finds that it is now a totalitarian dystopia. Could it be that the architect of the fascist state is a descendant of one of Jack’s victim. To save the present the scientist must return to the past and finish Jack’s reign of terror.

3. Self Tape, A serial killer auditions potential victims by asking them to send a self tape of their own death scene.

4. Probe, An alien scientific probe lands on earth. Though it does not regard humans as an enemy it is relentless in fulfilling its directive to ‘obtain organic samples’.

5. Once Upon A Time in Morecambe. A video goes viral of a young lady using her martial arts skills to stop a gang of youths mugging a pensioner. She is on the witness protection programme after testifying against a people smuggling gang. With her cover blown Morecambe becomes the location for a Battle Royale as assassins descend upon the sleepy seaside town to claim the price on her head.

6. Time Lapse. A videographer commissioned to create a time-lapse video of a building’s construction believes that a murder and the disposal of the body in the building’s foundations may have been captured on the footage. Can they piece together what happened in the 9 minutes and 59 seconds between the two shots?

7. Singularity. On the day that A.I surpasses human intelligence humans find themselves in a deadly battle with machines and self driving cars.

8. The Disposables. A British version of The Expendables featuring a cast of 80s TV personalities.

9. The Killing Room. The owner of a seedy, run down hotel is facing bankruptcy when a notorious serial killer is caught in the act of murdering his final victim in one of the rooms. Seeing and opportunity to cash in on his notoriety she begins charging people to visit The Killing Room, which she turns into a bizarre museum of death. However the hotel soon begins attracting the ‘wrong type of guests’…

10. Wrong Number. A misdialed number causes a woman to be the next target of a psychotic serial killer who tracks down her number a begins a campaign of stalking, kidnap and murder.

Tagline “One wrong number and you’re next”

11. The Final Edit.

In his final years local low budget film making legend Don Wayne lives in seclusion in a small house near Manchester. After his death his niece inherits the house and discovers that Don was a hoarder. While clearing out the house she discovers a box of VHS tapes in the attic. She contacts local film club and discovers that her uncle has acquired a cult following in recent years for his almost impossible to find low budget horror films shot on VHS in the 80s. The Holy Grail amongst collectors is “Death Cult” a film that was shot but never released. A kickstarter campaign begins to fund the digitisation of the tapes and completion of Don’s final edit. But why did Don never complete Death Cult. And who is the mysterious investor offering to buy the tapes?

12. Method. An actor takes preparation for a role too far.

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