Film Pitches

1. Vault. A bank robbery is interrupted by a zombie outbreak. A disparate groups of people make it to the vault. One has been bitten, but he’s also the robber and he has the gun. The oxygen is running out, but what is beyond the vault’s door? 2. Jack to the Future, A scientist decides […]

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In the Parkview home for the elderly God played solitaire. Nurse.  Cuppa tea. God. Bless you my dear, anything on the telly? Nurse. At six we put Songs of Praise on.  God. Never mind. I think I’ll stick to cards. Nurse. Maybe you’d like a game with our new resident. Here he comes. God. Christs on

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Crude Awakenings

In 1975 saucy superstar Jack Ladd (Robin Askwith) falls off his ladder filming Revelations of a Window Cleaner. He spends the next 40 years in a coma being visited everyday by his most ardent fan Fanny Waters, who takes great pride in maintaining his iconic hairstyle. He miraculously awakens in 2015, a 25 year old

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